Friday, August 21, 2015

Beauty Vintage Fashion Tips

We have amassed collections over the years, accumulating items and pieces we barely use. Items such as a 50 year old brooch with a few missing gemstones, vintage hat boxes, a musical trinket box, with a musical malfunction, or a pair of oversized rhinestone ear clips.

We must remember that all these items were crafted with style and functionality in mind, and so we must try to find productive ways to bring them back and incorporate them into our lives and wardrobes.

I call this 'indulging in amassing', and I have no apologies about it either, because the aim of this indulgence is to transform all collectibles into stylish couture items.

This is what you need to do, to wear vintage fashion, and make a successful fashion statement with your ensemble.

* Your great-grandmother's seemingly dowdy 1930's dress really has great potential. OK so its too large in the bust (result of the bullet bra!), but it fits perfectly at the waist. What to do? Alter it! Forget about modifications or alterations decreasing a vintage clothing's value. It's useless to you if you cant wear it. So, how valuable can it be if you cant wear it. After all, this is not a piece of furniture. Take it to a dressmaker. Have it altered and flaunt it.

* Its too small and its difficult to zip without it ripping at the seams. What to do? Get a corset! It will faithfully fashion your figure into the famous hourglass shape, and you get a perfect fit into your tiny vintage dress. We are aware that the modern woman in us is not so committed to having a cookie-cutter perfect shape. However, you need to stun and dazzle in this absolutely beautiful 1950's dress. The corset makes it a reality. You will find them in vintage lingerie stores online and offline.

* You lack the self-confidence to wear vintage fashion. Muster the courage to wear it, and you will discover that you find more joy in wearing vintage pieces, than forgetting them in your closet. Plus the admiration and comments you receive may swell your head with pride.

* You are afraid to wear it for the fear of damage, or tear. You own a clear Lucite box handbag from the 60's, an exquisitly beaded cardigan hangs on a rack, in the back corner of your wardrobe. Both handed down to you by someone who felt you will cherish them. You know they can be used on special occasions, or to special events.
Don't be afraid that you may scratch them. Integrate them into your special fashion style wardrobe. They have lasted someone else's lifetime. They will surely last through this evening's special outing.

* Wondering how to pull it off? Its really easy if you make sure you modernize it. Don't wear head-to-toe vintage, don't re-live it. A vintage tie-neck blouse looks great over a pair of skinny jeans, or you can enhance a new 2009 dress with vintage or antique jewelry. Wear Italian designer shoes with a vintage evening gown to that prom ball.

So, as I do, mix and match the old with the new to create your own personal and therefore unique style.

Now that you have a good idea of how to approach wearing vintage fashion successfully, that is; you have 1)tailored great-grandma's dress to fit, 2) fixed that damaged brooch, by filling the missing stones with look alike faux gemstones, and wearing it with pride, 3) had those pair of white laced gloves cleaned professionally, (you have even turned your vintage luggage into an avant-garde coffee table in your living room), step out there with the confidence that you possess what many will give an arm and a leg for.

If however, you have too many of these items stored away, and can't find any use for some of them, well, there are experts who can find new owners who will appreciate, and purchase these items just as much as you once did. You can seek expert opinion to see how much they may be worth. You may make a little tidy sum from your discarded vintage fashion pieces.

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